[thelist] Same Code Section in 50+ Pages

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 7 08:34:32 CDT 2000

erm, no.  i'm notoriously bad with regular expressions,
regardless of the language... that's primarily because i
grew up using search-n-replace features, which were common
to *all* text editors (except notepad and simpletext)...
that's part of the reason i suggested unique comment tags...
not only is it easier to spot the code, it's easier to use
that as bounds for your s-n-r...

i've done regexps in the past, but i'm not so good... a good
use would be to replace only certain fields within those
comments, or replace just an <h#> tag or something...  i'm
sure others here can give you some good examples...

> From: Ronald W. Dorman
> hey aardvark, can you expound on the regular
> expression for me? thanks
> > ... if you wrap the form in a
> > unique pair of comment tags:
> >    <!-- Start Diggity Form -->
> >    <form>
> >    ...
> >    </form>
> >    <!-- End Diggity Form -->
> > it can be easy to replace it using a regular
> > expression or
> > even a low-level search and replace throughout
> > all of your documents...

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