[thelist] screen resolutions + critique

George Donnelly gsd at mac.com
Thu Sep 7 08:46:50 CDT 2000

I like the design. very cool-looking i thought,

Actually  I though the font size looked ok in IE5 mac but you do seem to be
using pt's for your font size, which is not best if you want the font sizes
to flex.

you tell people to use cmd + accesskey for a mac but i dont think it has
been implemented yet. also you assign accesskeys like s or o which already
have actions . eg cmd o means open a doc.


george at cyklotron.com
Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what
nobody has thought. --Albert von Szent-Gyorgy

>> http://www.cdc.org.nz/
>> Whaddya reckon? Incidentally, any thoughts on the design? Ugly, bootiful?
>> Both
> Hmmm. Mac user, IE5. Please pass me a magnifying glass! Can't read a
> darned thing except the Welcome to Canterbury paragraph in white
> writing, top right corner.

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