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I don't think it is impossible. I've visited sites where I have tried
to copy images & have gotten the message
"this option has been disabled".  This is what I wish to do to mine.
I have a picture to post that is used by a band to sell for a profit.
I'm not sure how the copyright laws work and if it may cause me
problems to post this picture. I do wish to post it. I thought it
would be safer if I stopped others from saving it to their own
computers to print out. I have changed the size so that it won't print
out to a full size from the web page.  I know they still may be able
to use it but I want to slow the process at least.

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As soon as the picture is loaded into the browser, the viewer has the

Whether or not they decide to save it to their computer or not is
matter. Many don't know they can.

Some people have tried to disable the left (?) mouse click on people's
mouses. But this is irritationg and only works on Windows and if
people have
Javascript enabled.

This is the web. You can't do it.

Maybe: post a strict copyright statement, add some text or something
to the
picture saying that is it is copyrighted?

If it is really important, then consider not using it?

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> I need to secure a image so that it can't be copied by anyone
> the site. Can someone help me with this one?

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