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This is some interesting food for thought. I'll keep it in mind.
I know this list is over my head. I was referred to it by "Webmonkey"
as a way to find an answer to a question  they did not have time for
right now. Thanks in advance  for understanding. The way to learn is
to listen, I've always said. (or read)
(Beyond not posting the picture at all....)
I have visited sites where the picture, once copied to my computer,
was blurred beyond use. Is this possible to do with the picture I have
in mind?


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: From: tjfaloon1 <tjfaloon1 at msn.com>
: I am fairly new to web building and trying to learn
: this on my own.  I am looking for a simple code to
: use on my web site.  I need to secure a image so
: that it can't be copied by anyone visiting the site.
: Can someone help me with this one?

lots of people are going to want to pipe in with their opinions on
this one,
but in the end they'll all basically boil down to one succinct thought
goes something like this:

"if you don't want people copying your images off your site, don't put
online to begin with."

unfortunately that's the only sure way to make sure they can't be

oh sure, you'll have people suggest all sorts of crazy ideas to
images that in the end just make it more difficult for your innocent
to view your images while at the same time making those that would
them just alittle more curious about all the loopholes to the point of
actually taking them to see if they can.  you'll get suggestions like
up the image into a bunch of little pieces and then reassemble the
thing in a table" or "just add this no-right-click script to your
(i'll personally put a hit out on anyone that suggests that on this
list) or
"make the image a rollover so when they right-click they'll trigger
image to swap to something you don't mind them stealing" or "what
password protecting the image directory?" or "position a layer over
image so they can't right click on it" or "there's this nifty plug-in
clever content that makes it impossible to take the images" (yeah
right, and
you're system stability goes down the crapper too not to mention most
aren't going to install the damn thing to begin with) and on and on
and on
and on.

however, the suggestion will either not work at all, will criminalize
innocent users (no right-click script - ie, taking away functionality
the sake of the minority), will only work if javascript is enabled,
only work in v4 browsers, or only make it more work for you to do but
less work to take.

this all takes me back to that concise comment quoted above.  i
hope i haven't missed anything.

i hope this helps,


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