[thelist] securing images

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 7 10:38:11 CDT 2000

> From: "tjfaloon1" <tjfaloon1 at msn.com>
> I don't think it is impossible. I've visited sites where I have tried

yes it is...

> to copy images & have gotten the message "this option has been
> disabled".  This is what I wish to do to mine. I have a picture to

tell me the URL and the pics you want, and gimme a couple 
minutes, i'll get 'em all... and probably without screen captures...

> post that is used by a band to sell for a profit. I'm not sure how the
> copyright laws work and if it may cause me problems to post this
> picture. I do wish to post it. I thought it would be safer if I
> stopped others from saving it to their own computers to print out. I

if you don't have permission to post it, then you shouldn't post it...

 if you do have permission, then try a watermark, perhaps... for 
example, http://roselli.org/adrian/photos/an2.asp, notice the 
copyright notice in the watermark?  hell, i don't care if someone 
steals it as long as my copyright is left intact... and if it's not, then 
the image will look pretty silly...

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