[thelist] securing images

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Thu Sep 7 10:39:58 CDT 2000


I often surf with images turned off to conserve bandwidth. Usually, when I see
an image placeholder of an image that I want to see, I'll right-click, and
choose "show image".

If a paranoid site has disabled right-clicking, 95% of the time I'll simply
leave the site.

Now, there is a definite element of "security" that involves simply making your
property harder to steal than your neighbour's (ie, burglar sees your house with
barred windows, and the neighbours' without - they'll probably go for your
neighbour's gear). But, at what expense to your users? (or in the case of barred
windows, yourself.)

You may discourage half of the potential image thieves, but if you annoy most of
your users who are using their right-clicking for legitimate purposes - why
bother putting the image online at all?

Regarding your copyright query, IANAL, but I believe that the owner retains
copyright/ownership even if they post it on their Web site. A library making
books available for patrons to read is not permitting them to blatantly copy
content - the copyright regulations still exist.

Are you producing a Web site for a band yourself? Official, or fan site?

Is your own usage of the image approved by the owners?


> I don't think it is impossible. I've visited sites where I have tried
> to copy images & have gotten the message
> "this option has been disabled".  This is what I wish to do to mine.
> I have a picture to post that is used by a band to sell for a profit.
> I'm not sure how the copyright laws work and if it may cause me
> problems to post this picture. I do wish to post it. I thought it
> would be safer if I stopped others from saving it to their own
> computers to print out. I have changed the size so that it won't print
> out to a full size from the web page.  I know they still may be able
> to use it but I want to slow the process at least.
> Thanks,
> Teresa

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