[thelist] securing images

tjfaloon1 tjfaloon1 at msn.com
Thu Sep 7 11:09:46 CDT 2000


I'm no pro at this by no means, as you'll see. I just have a personal
web site where I'm "playing" and trying to learn some things. (any
pointers welcome!)
I don't want to discourage anyone from the site. I often copy images I
find interesting for my own use. I just don't want to invite trouble.
I have these pictures posted. I'm just trying to show off our town a
little I guess. The band Alabama played here and these are the
pictures of it. The group picture was bought then. They sell it for a
profit. There is no copyright on the picture, but I've learned this
does not mean there isn't one.
Just trying to be safe and learn at the same time.
As this is turning out to be "not such a simple question", I may just
take the picture off.


You may discourage half of the potential image thieves, but if you
annoy most of
your users who are using their right-clicking for legitimate
purposes - why
bother putting the image online at all?

Are you producing a Web site for a band yourself? Official, or fan

Is your own usage of the image approved by the owners?


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