[thelist] securing images

dave gray dascott at wam.umd.edu
Thu Sep 7 11:33:56 CDT 2000

welcome to the list :)
someone brings this up every now and then (like jeff said) and the thread
takes quite a while to die. i don't believe i've heard a watermark
suggested before, however...

On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, aardvark wrote:
>  if you do have permission, then try a watermark, perhaps... for 
> example, http://roselli.org/adrian/photos/an2.asp, notice the 
> copyright notice in the watermark?  hell, i don't care if someone 
> steals it as long as my copyright is left intact... and if it's not, then 
> the image will look pretty silly...

even then it's not impossible to get rid of the watermark... it will
discourage all but the most determined h4x0rZ who know how to use rubber
stamp and blur.

i agree, watermark is a good idea, and would probably be the easiest thing
for you to do.


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