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Thu Sep 7 13:53:50 CDT 2000

Hi Erica,

You're probably going to get a million replies to this, but here's my

Folks who don't have/can't afford a merchant account may want to consider
CC Now (http://www.ccnow.com) or I-Bill (http://www.ibill.com), especially
if they just want to try out the market.  These places integrate the
merchant account service and shopping cart into one, and they're cake to
configure.  No backend help needed, no upfront cost, no programming
baldness.  For those who already have merchant accounts and are willing to
process their own payments manually, check out QuikStore
(http://www.quikstore) which is a pretty nice perl shopping cart that can
be set up as static html or database (meaning simple or complex cart)
without a tremendous amount of effort.  You'll probably need a geek to
help you with setup but it's really pretty straightforward.  Finally, if
you encounter folks who want to get a merchant account and want realtime
processing, you may want to look at LinkPoint or (uurrgghhh it's slipped
my mind, what the heck is it again?) Authorize Net or any of those payment
processing gateways.  Those cost more but high-volume sites will benefit
from not having to process payments manually.

Does this hep?


Erika Meyer wrote:

> I'm a database dummy & an ecommerce dummy.  Why?  Because I've never
> worked on sites that involved either of these things.
> I am hating my job search (it's tough when you don't know how to do
> backend stuff and no one wants to train) and I am just about ready to
> revitalize my freelance self. (Portland is big enough that I can find
> someone to help with backend stuff.)
>   But before I go from door to door peddling my services (and that's
> exactly what I plan to do...) I want to be prepared for this question:
> "So I make these cute little (insert item here) that no one else
> makes, and everyone tells me I should sell them on the web.  How do I
> do that?"
> I am really game to learn how to help people sell unique items
> online.  Many will be merchants who already accept credit cards.  Can
> I do it?
> Do I have the technology?
> I know there is shopping cart software out there, but haven't the
> faintest idea of how to shop for it.
> any helpful hints?
> Erika
> erika at seastorm.com
> http://www.seastorm.com
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