[thelist] screen resolutions + critique

Miraz Jordan miraz at firstbite.co.nz
Thu Sep 7 14:15:00 CDT 2000

At 22:28 +0900 07/09/2000, George Donnelly wrote:
>Actually  I though the font size looked ok in IE5 mac but you do seem to be
>using pt's for your font size, which is not best if you want the font sizes
>to flex.
>you tell people to use cmd + accesskey for a mac but i dont think it has
>been implemented yet. also you assign accesskeys like s or o which already
>have actions . eg cmd o means open a doc.
>>>  http://www.cdc.org.nz/
>>>  Whaddya reckon? Incidentally, any thoughts on the design? Ugly, bootiful?
>>>  Both
>>  Hmmm. Mac user, IE5. Please pass me a magnifying glass! Can't read a
>>  darned thing except the Welcome to Canterbury paragraph in white
>  > writing, top right corner.

That was me above, saying the writing was too small. I didn't get 
past the front page.

IE5 on the Mac defaults to 96ppi, but I've reset mine to 72ppi and 
some ginormous font size. That might account for our difference 
there. I'm using 1024*768.

[Tests resetting to 96 ppi - oh, yeah! That transforms the text into 
readable and not bad looking.]

As for AccessKeys - they do work in IE5 Mac and iCab 2.x. For IE, use 
the Control key and for iCab use the Shift key.

Interesting point about avoiding keys already used by the software - 
I've forgotten that on my own Web site and must check them. What keys 
are used by IE / Netscape under Windows?



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