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Jeff jeff at lists.evolt.org
Thu Sep 7 15:54:24 CDT 2000


: From: Conrad E. Muller <muller at akdocs.com>
: No matter what you do, anyone can capture
: a picture off of the screen.

actually, this isn't entirely true.  however, before any of the people that
say you can keep people from taking your images start saying i told you so
and doing the hampster dance, lemme explain how it's accomplished and why
it's idealistic.

the screen capture is disabled by a plug-in called clever content.  however,
any clever user would never install it to begin with thereby greatly
reducing your available audience.  this doesn't even sorta pointless eh?

: Remember that the computer screen resolution is
: too low to make a good print. Keep the graphic small.

this is probably the best advice available . . . . if you're concerned with
people printing your images.  however, it's not of much help, obviously, if
you're just trying to keep them from using the images on their own site.



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