[thelist] ecommerce, shopping carts, etc.

John Scoot john.scoot at virgin.net
Fri Sep 8 05:22:39 CDT 2000

We're just doing our first e-commerce site for a client who sells TVR &
Lotus accessories. We did a detailed evaluation of most of the known
Shopping Cart software and settled on Actinic Catalog which scored top on
four criteria:- flexibility, quality, ease of integration and customisation
. We are 90% through building the site, which includes some fairly complex
product mixes, variations etc, and the software is living up to

On the credit card processing front, the client already had a Merchant
Account, in order to trade online they had to fill out a simple request
form, Barclays asked us to answer a few security questions, validated
Actinic, and it was done. We then looked at the various Online Card
processing options -Worldpay came out tops on that evaluation, integrating
Worldpay with Actinic has been a doddle.

All in all, our first e-commerce experience has been relatively painless and
has almost been enjoyable....so we're all worried sick wondering when the
bomb will drop!
John S.

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