[thelist] "A Brief Rhapsody on Art and Engineering"

Howell, Katie Katie.Howell at jbosc.ksc.nasa.gov
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I loved reading this....I even went to the point of printing it out and
posting it in my cube....near the entrance where (hopefully) my manager will
see it!

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On 8/9/00 at 2:29 pm, sck at biljettpoolen.se (Steve Cook) wrote:

> I was browsing through the site of Nomadic Research Labs -
> http://www.microship.com/index.html - the homepages of a chap called
> Steven Roberts who has dedicated his life to the design and use of
> exquisite connected bikes and boats and lived a techno-nomadic
> lifestyle.
> Anyways, I came across the following text, which I thought was
> probably one of the best descriptions of the start of the creative
> process

Thanks for sending this; absolutely wonderful, and I'm just off to see
the original :-)

best wishes,


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