[thelist] ecommerce, shopping carts, etc.

John Scoot john.scoot at virgin.net
Fri Sep 8 12:24:45 CDT 2000

Meredith Tupper wrote:-

>I have heard and read some good things about Actinic, but I'm curious about
>shipping configuration options.  Have you found any problems with it?

When we started our evaluation on Actinic version 3 and I have to agree that
limited Shipping Options were the products' Achilles heel - but version 4
was released last month and it now provides a range of standard options
based on Country/Zone + volume/weight/value at Item, or, Total Order level -
it also lets you define your own shipping variables, so theoretically you
could also include package size as a factor if necessary.
The only downside to the product is that it's a bit more expensive than some
of the comparable packages, but so far we're chuffed with it.

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