[thelist] Netscape Javascript not working - DOM problems

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Sat Sep 9 13:20:11 CDT 2000

> Could any of you have a look at the following page and
> figure out why the javascript rollover isn't working in netscape?

hi chris

i thought javascript wasn't case sensitive (how long you been doing this,
rudy?) but you've got onmouseover instead of onMouseOver

also, the rollover script is testing for something but the if and the else
look the same --

      if (document.images) {
                if (document.all) {
                    document.images[imageName].src = pic[arraynumber].src;
                } else if(document.layers) {
                        document.images[imageName].src =

i think in netscape you have to name the div, something like

          document.layers["menubar"].images[imageName].src =

actually, by using tables for your layout, the divs are probably redundant

couple other observations --

i get a horizontal scroll at 800x600 in ie4 (not sure why), but not in
netscape 3

in netscape 3 the td background image leftfade.jpg doesn't show

not that you have to support netscape 3, but it's always good practice to
check your page in older browsers, i mean, if you can get it working for
them too, then great

by the way, the rollover effect in the logo area is really classy looking

also, i wouldn't make the "search the nfs site" a blue bar if it's not a

nice job


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