[thelist] RE: HTML test (tip): The other side.

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Sun Sep 10 11:10:13 CDT 2000

> 	so to play devil's advocate, just b/c they ask you to code a simple
> html table, don't take that to mean that that's what you'll be doing or be
> expected to code by hand. (unless they specifically, upfront say that).

I'd like to second what Aaron said here. It's really just so the company, I
think, can say without a doubt that you've been tested and your skills are
satisfactory. I took one of those tests when I temped and I thought it was
dumb but I got offered a range of jobs that included the design work I was
looking for as well as some stuff that was over my head and I turned down.

- amanda

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