[thelist] How to control TEXTAREA font size, etc...?

Simon sentient at mail.com
Sun Sep 10 18:21:40 CDT 2000

At 5:23 PM -0400 9/10/00, aardvark wrote:
>  > From: Simon <sentient at mail.com>
>> Nothing seems to have any effect on Netscape.
> NN4.x tends to have problems with formatting text areas... that's
> just the way it is... i've wrangled with this a lot, but ended up just
> sucking it up and coding it with HTML only to fit NN4.x, and then
> adding in CSS so IE4+ and NN6 can take advantage of the CSS...


I'd be pleased as could be for an HTML solution. Problem is there
doesn't seem to be *any* solution that will control the textarea size
or the size of the text in the textarea (since the field's width is
based on number of characters) in Netscape on Windows. I can 
make it work with Matt Warden's CSS sizing suggestion for IE on both
the Windows and Mac platforms but Netscape still uses whatever
monospaced font in whatever size the user chose in their browser
settings to calculate the width the textarea field needs to be. I'm
going to give up on this approach. Starting a search for "a better
way" now.



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