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rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Sun Sep 10 20:20:08 CDT 2000

>ALA is undergoing a DOS attack and the site is not up.
>yep lots of assholes out there.

hi alan

yeah, there are people out there doing seriously bad things, and not just
in-yer-face asshole nuisance type things like denial of service, which is,
like, so pre-pubescent

here's a case that looks like somebody was after a database of customer
names and addresses and email ids

ikea's database of requests for their catalog was exposed over the long

   "Rich D'Amico, new business development manager for Ikea
   North America, said his team was still analyzing the data, but the
   number of names revealed was easily in the tens of thousands, a
   typical number of requests for a three-day period. Along with
   legitimate names and numbers, D'Amico said much of the database
   content was ``repeated information'' that might indicate someone had
   intentionally tried to flood the database with bogus requests."


the database overflowed, and the story suggests that it was available for
anybody and everybody to download

this would include, obviously, whoever caused it to overflow

it's one thing to steal a database of customers, but to expose it on the
web?  that's harsh, that goes beyond asshole...

rudy limeback

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