[thelist] shopping carts

Matthew Walker matthew at electricsheep.co.nz
Sun Sep 10 20:45:52 CDT 2000

> A single product can have multiple SKUs. Each SKU can be related to 0 or
> more product attributes. So, I have a one to many between SKU and product
> attribute respectively. So, since the data relationship goes from product
> attribute to SKU and not the other way around, you can have a product with
> no product attributes. So, when someone selects attributes, they're really
> generating criteria to find the correct SKU number to add to their basket.
> Make sense? I don't think it would get out of hand at all to make each
> option individual. I don't know how you can get out of showing all the
> options (whether it's separate questions or one question with all
> permutations displayed as options).

Hey thanks Matt,

I meant mutually independent options (you've called them attributes which is
a better word) like size and colour. So I see you've made them independent.

OK that's cool. Moving on though, how do you do it interface-wise? I had
(before allowing for the possibility of product attributes) a list of
products (or optionally drill down for details on a product). In the list or
the detail listing there would be a "buy" link sending you to an updated
view of your cart.

If there are options to choose from would you insert an intermediate screen
(confusing I feel) or force the shopper to choose from a list when they
click "buy"? When viewing the details of an individual product, displaying a
list of different options with "buy" next to each is clearly better.

But if I have a page listing ten products, I can hardly put option choices
in there. I could have "buy" links that add straight to your cart or take
you to the product details page depending on whether or not there are any
options. Is that confusing???????

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