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Mon Sep 11 07:04:12 CDT 2000

I used to use that shopping cart a few years back.  It was a very good 
script once it was up and configured.  I do remember that out of all the 
scripts out at the time, this one was the best.  But, it was also on of the 
toughest to get installed.   I can't speak for now, but then, the 
instructions just sucked for people new to such things.   Took me forever 
to get it working right.  But once we did....  Think we ran it with about 
2000+ items.  No problems what so ever.

We decided to close our doors and thus quit using it.   Feel free to ask 
any questions you might have.  I'll try to answer.  There is also a book 
that we got that helped.  It is CGI Commerce.  It is written by the script 
author. Around $40. The book is out of print now, but you might be able to 
find it somewhere.  ISBN # 1558515593.


At 05:43 AM 9/11/00 , you wrote:
>At 06:07 AM 9/8/00, John Scoot wrote:
>>We're just doing our first e-commerce site for a client who sells TVR &
>>Lotus accessories. We did a detailed evaluation of most of the known
>>Shopping Cart software and settled on Actinic Catalog which scored top on
>>four criteria:- flexibility, quality, ease of integration and customisation
>>. We are 90% through building the site, which includes some fairly complex
>>product mixes, variations etc, and the software is living up to
>I just got a flyer for this outfit and looked at the site. The application 
>looks really good, and I appreciate John's comments on usability.
>At the moment I'm trying to do an online store "on the cheap" for a 
>friend, and I'm trying to install Web Store from extropia: 
><http://www.extropia.com/> Anyone have any war stories about this 
>application?  It looks like it has a pretty extensive chat board set up, 
>which doesn't exactly build my confidence as a cgi-newbie.  I got the 
>application installed on the UN*X server where I host sites, and got to 
>the point of successfully pinging the cgi script, so I'm making progress, 
>but the documentation does the usual trick of starting out hand-holding 
>and then leaping directly into obscurity.  For instance, there is no 
>mention of how I'm supposed to get the product list into the database 
>file... is it as simple as formatting the output of the Access file as a 
>pipe-delimited file and just saving it under the same name?
>I think I asked this last May when I first tried to install the app, but 
>I'll ask again... anyone out there familiar with the Web Store script who 
>would be willing to let me ask a few stupid questions while I step into 
>the brave new world (for me) of database-driven shopping carts?
>Thanks in advance...
>PS: I've successfully set up the Merchant Order Form from RGA 
><http://www.io.com/~rga/> so I've gotten my feet wet on simple cgi 
>scripts, but it isn't something I'm at all comfortable with.
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