[thelist] Opinions on artnet.com

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 11 09:54:50 CDT 2000

nope, never heard of 'em... but when i first went there, i thought i 
was at http://printmag.com/ for a second...

they certainly don't care for their 640x480 users, which is funny, 
because it makes their on-site banner ads wrap in mid-image... 
and while their DHTML drop-menus intelligently don't go off the right 
of the screen for us running lo-res, they don't do the same for the 
left side once i scroll to the right...

IOW, no, i have nothing to offer... just wanted to hear myself chat...

> From: Jen Worden <jen at meadoworks.com>
> We're about to meet a client affiliated with artnet.com. I'd never
> heard of them before and wondered if anyone else might have dealings
> with the site or heard about them - good or bad, all thoughts,
> comments, opinions welcome!
> http://www.artnet.com

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