[thelist] JS or No JS - making a form submit from a graphic button

dave gray dascott at wam.umd.edu
Mon Sep 11 13:45:13 CDT 2000

you need to escape your single quotes insode of the document.write
statement, so

> onmouseout="changeImages('subPop9_07', 'slices9/subPop9_07.gif'); 

would become:

> onmouseout="changeImages(\'subPop9_07\', \'slices9/subPop9_07.gif\');

> <script>
> document.write('<a href="javascript:document.forms['subForm'].submit()"
> onmouseout="changeImages('subPop9_07', 'slices9/subPop9_07.gif'); return true;" 
> onmousedown="changeImages('subPop9_07', 'slices9/subPop9_07-down.gif'); return true;" 
> onmouseup="changeImages('subPop9_07', 'slices9/subPop9_07.gif'); return true;">
> <img name="subPop9_07" src="slices9/subPop9_07.gif" 
>  width="151" height="39" border="0"></a>')
> </script>



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