[thelist] [Fwd: ACCESS and long entries]

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 11 14:06:13 CDT 2000

you can change the field type to 'memo' to fix that, but beware that 
migrating this to SQL or some other db will be a hassle when it 
comes time to parse those fields...

and yes, you can also bring text in from a text file in a number of 
different ways...

if your server has FSO enabled, use the File System Object to 
read in the text stream...

you can also include text files where you want them to appear in 
the content... while this isn't usually what people think of with 
includes, it can do the trick... check the site for the ASP include 

> From: cayley vos <cvos at yahoo.com>
> I am making a data driven site using access and asp,
> but access seems limited to 255 chars per record (!). 
> This seems rediculous for any kind of production
> environment, are there ways around this, such as being
> able to call text files with a simple javascript/ VB
> script?  I want to be able to have long text articles
> be stored in the database, and have the ASP call these
> into a graphical template.

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