[thelist] of windows and cablemodems

Hugh Blair hblair at bigfoot.com
Tue Sep 12 08:41:56 CDT 2000

Hi Martin,

Isn't it great?!?  I just downloaded a large file at an average of 76.5K/s.
Many times I'm almost at T1 speed.  Now, on to your question:

If you're using Outlook*, go to your accounts (Tools/Accounts) and look a the
Properties of each of your accounts.  Make sure you've checked the box "Connect
using my local area network (LAN)" instead of any of the other options.  This is
on the "Connection" tab.

Now Outlook* should work both ways.  If your dialer tries to pop up, you'll need
to find any of it's settings and turn of things like "Automatically dial when
started" or some such.

I found that IE5.01 worked without any changes.  Yell if you have any other

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> Just had my cable modem installed (yay! 1MB downloads in under
> 30 secs!). This is hunky dory for my desktop machine - clean install
> of Windows, no dialup connection in sight.
> But how do I persuade my laptop (Sony Vaio with built in modem & ethernet)
> to use it in preference to the modem? And how do I swap between them?
> <tip type='cable modems'>
> You *will* need a firewall. <father ted>You will, you will, you
> will.</father ted>
> If you can't afford the Norton solution, or don't have the means to put a
> hardware solution in place (think Linux here), try
> http://www.zonealarm.com/
> </tip>
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