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Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Tue Sep 12 19:12:05 CDT 2000

At 12:56 12/09/00 -0500, you wrote:

>Part of the idea that cable modems will get slower with more and more
>people in the 'hood using them is true, part isn't.

Wow, dan, that was a great explanation of things - thanks!

Here in New Zealand we have a cable company who has laid a fibre network, 
and the cable modems rock.  One of the ISPs you can use is flat-rate 
(www.chello.co.nz) but slow because of their lack of bandwidth to the net, 
the other (www.paradise.net.nz) charges per MB but has a lot more 
capacity.  So I can relate to what you're saying about bandwidth.

We also have ADSL here.  But I'm politically opposed to that phone company! :)

One remaining question I have is, how do upstream speeds compare?  I know 
the cable modem speed is set by the cable company - eg you might only get 
512kbps upstream although the modem is capable of 2mbps.  Obviously both 
DSL and Cable have more capacity downstream than upstream, but which is 
better in that respect?


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