[thelist] Domain name ownership

George Donnelly gsd at mac.com
Wed Sep 13 08:02:52 CDT 2000

First of all, you should register the name with a registrar that recognizes
your right to **real** ownership of the domain, as opposed to NSI's
contention that you are "just renting" it. :-(

eg. http://www.gandi.net/

then when you actually create the name make sure that you specify the owner
as, at the very least, the administrative contact person as this is the one
who controls the domain.

for the tech contact person you can specify the ISP/host.

you can check this by doing whois lookup. eg here


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> A quick question.  When registering a domain name through an ISP what do I
> need to do to keep ownership of the name?  So that if need be I can move
> ISPs in the future but keep the domain name without any trouble!

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