[thelist] Off the Wall (and Page) Tables

Jackson Yee jacksonyee at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 13 08:48:39 CDT 2000

The 75% actually refers to the percentage in width of the parent
element containing the table, not the percentage of the screen.  You
must adjust your widths thusly.

Jackson Yee

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Okay, now I'm confused.  As if you're surprised.  I am working on the 
table page from hell.  Lots of different tables, each with three
columns and a photo in the third column.  I thought I had them aligned,
visually, but noticed that at higher resolutions there's too much white
space on the right.  Now I *thought* that if I set each table to 75%
pixels wide, left aligned, it would fit into the screen (isn't that
what 75% means?? 75% of the screen??) no matter what resolution it's
at.  But at the lower resolutions, the right column is wayyyyyyyy out
there.  If I set it to 50%, centered, it's set WAYYYYYYYYY to the right
(too much white space on theleft side of the page).  Is there something
wrong with my system, my thinking, or both??


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