[thelist] cable modem bandwidth

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Sep 13 12:27:41 CDT 2000

> So to answer you're question onlineham ;) - your upload speed 
> depends on 
> what compression technique you're using, which is directly 
> correlated to 
> how close you are to the phone company. You *can* get as high 
> as 55Mps. 

wow. And I thought you were billing a ton this week. Damn good stuff. The
one thing I'd like to throw in the mix is that here in the States, there are
government regulations on top of technical limitations. For example, you
have a 56Kb modem, and you connect to your ISP's 56Kb modem, but the FCC
regulates that you can't have speeds faster than 44Kb (obviously this
doesn't apply to xDSL), so you run at 44Kb. Pretty crappy, huh.

(At least this is what was explained to me, if I'm wrong I'm happy to admit

(yeah, but who's the one who started all this? hmmm?)

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