[thelist] 500 hidden fields in a form

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Sep 13 13:38:55 CDT 2000

why not have one field with 500 delimited values?

yes, there are implications client and server side, and I presume you mean
500 email *addresses* and not 500 entire emails. I've seen Netscape start to
drag at about 50 form fields, but they were visible, so I dunno how it will
affect rendering if they're hidden, but you do require the browser to load
up the fields in memory so they're accessible through the DOM. That's why I
suggest one field, 500 values. As far as the server side goes, there are
limits to the amount of data you can post to a CGI, but for the life of me I
can't remember what they are or even if they're configurable. Shit. I'm not
helping, am I.

spend 10-15 minutes researching your question. Either you do it, or one of
us does it ;)

I'm having a good day, really
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> From: Peter Van Dijck [mailto:peter at vardus.com]
> could having say 500 hidden fields in a form break stuff 
> down? they contain 
> emails, is there a maximum on data that can be transferred or 
> something?

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