[thelist] 500 hidden fields in a form

Dai Williams dai.williams at oskar.clara.net
Wed Sep 13 14:48:47 CDT 2000

Depends if the form is get or post, get is restricted to something very
small (may even be as little as 256, but don't quote me).  Post allows much
more data, but there is probably still a sensible limit, how much data are
you talking in total??  I am not aware of a restriction on the number of
fields in a form, but I don't believe for a fraction of a second that there
is any justification for this, surely there is a (are many) better way(s) to
do it?

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could having say 500 hidden fields in a form break stuff down? they contain
emails, is there a maximum on data that can be transferred or something?

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