[thelist] VoDSL

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Wed Sep 13 22:51:17 CDT 2000

Voice over DSL? Ok. Basically thats the same as voice over IP(VOIP). TO 
cut my average post length down, here's the skinny:

VOIP is a 'new' technology that lets you route voice(phone) traffic over 
IP based networks like the Internet.

Instead of your voice call being analog, its all digital and split into 
packets over the network, re-assmbled on the other side by some sort of 
phone server, and sent to your phone for you to listen to.

without writing another 3 page email, here it is.

this is great if you're on a LAN. trying to put 'phone calls' across a 
public network like the Internet lead to Bad Things. The quality can go 
down in a hurry on public networks, but can rock on private networks 
like a LAN.

VOIP requires a good amount of bandwidth. For example, me and my 
girlfriend jen can have a decent conversation over the internet through 
the use of microphones on our computers through the internet. At times 
its great, at times it sucks. We both have broadband(cable and DSL) 
connections. VoDSL is basically the same thing.

Provided you have enough bandwidth, you can have a decent phone 
conversation over an IP based network. On a 33.6 modem though, and at 
times on a DSL line over a public network, it can sound like those 
walkie talkies we had in 4th grade :)

VoIP is basically the assumption you have enough bandwidth(thanks to 
your DSL connection) to ensure a decent quality conversation.

Hope that answers soem of the questions :)


tony wrote:
This is a little OT, but I was wondering if any of you (i.e. Cody ;)
have heard of VoDSL (voice over DSL). Is this just another compression
scheme to get more bandwidth, a way to network your connection over a LAN,
or something totally different (i.e. to do with POTS)?


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