[thelist] VoDSL

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Thu Sep 14 01:58:50 CDT 2000

Sorry for the confusion. :)

adsl or any varient of DSL 'supports' voice because they go over the 
same wire. 'voice' doesn't run over tcp/ip if you have a DSL connection. 
the pipe(POTS) can handle both analog(tradition voice, phone calls) and 
digital(your internet connection) signals at the same time -therfore 
letting dsl you talk on the phone( in the traditional sense) and browse 
the web at the same time.

you're right on james.. i thought tony was asking about VoDSL(voice over 
IP), and not voice over POTS in the tradition sense.


James Spahr wrote:
> on 9/13/00 11:51 PM, Daniel J. Cody at dcody at oracular.com wrote:
> > Voice over DSL? Ok. Basically thats the same as voice over IP(VOIP). TO
> > cut my average post length down, here's the skinny:
> Are you positive?
> Residential aDSL can support voice (if the telco supports the option). I was
> under the impression that it does not run over tcp/ip. It cuts your dsl
> bandwidth down to make room in the framing for voice, so you have less
> bandwidth when the phone is in use.
> You phone plugs into the back of your aDSL bridge (or router).

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