[thelist] Majordomo customization?

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Thu Sep 14 02:28:29 CDT 2000

I've been working lately on creating a database stored archive of posts to
my mailing list. There is support for having everything in ezmlm (the list
manager I use) stored in mySQL, but it wasn't built this way on the box I
use, so I'm stuck with text based.

Anyway, what I did was to write a perl script that has two possible
functions. Firstly it can be run to drop the archive database table and
create a new one, reading the entire text archive and parsing it into
whatever database format I choose. With another command-line switch I can
make it do an incremental parse. In this way I can load the entire archive
into the database and then set a cron job to check the archive every hour
and load any new articles. 

Seems to be working very well for me!

I would suggest that something similar might work for majordomo (though I
have NO experience of the mlm at all!). In ezmlm there's a text based log of
sub and unsubs, it should be pretty straightforward to just parse that every
hour or so.


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> Has anyone customized Majordomo to use an sql database instead of the 
> standard flat file text database?  On one of my sites, I use mysql to 
> manage my user info.  I figured it would be easier to manage 
> everything if 
> it was all in the same database.
> Opinions?
> CDitty
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