[thelist] Definitive JavaScript reference?

Chris Houston. chris at phosphors.net
Thu Sep 14 09:10:33 CDT 2000


Does anyone have a definitive JavaScript reference bookmarked somewhere?
Every time I have a query I have to spend an hour or two hunting through
half-assed JavaScript "article" sites (like that Netscape thing, and
webmonkey. Not that Webmonkey's half-assed, just that their JavaScript
reference is patchy.)

What I'm really looking for is something like the VBScript and ASP
references that come with every installation of IIS, or www.ncdesign.org for
HTML and CSS, which I still refer to, even after doing this for 5 years.

Somewhere where you know you'll get the answer you need, because they've
documented everything.

And it would be great if it documented browser differences, too.

Chris Houston.

Creative Director
Phosphors Intermedia.

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