[thelist] Tables vs Layers

Eduardo Dominguez edmz at emonterrey.com
Thu Sep 14 09:49:30 CDT 2000

At work, we just got new designers. They are very good at
what they do, but not when it refers to html. The problem
is that they  are so used to move things around, that all
they use are layers. And lots of them. They cant think

I tried to convince them of tables and to leave layers
for "special ocasions". They didnt seem convinced that
layers are bad since they dont work the same in
all the browsers. 

For what i have seen, ther are no big sites that use
layers, most of them go tables.

I have to be honest, since I ran out of arguments very
fast. So what i need to know is, is it, at this day,
good to go layers ? Maybe i am the one who likes
tables so much that wants to keep it that way.

If anyone can clear me up the advantages/disadvantages
of using tables vs layers and what you recommend, it would
be great, so that i can have a reason to debate with the

For now, the designers refuse to do anything in tables, 
they think thats an engineering job :( All they use
is the "convert layers to tables" in Dreamweaver. Can
anyone recommend how you guys convert a design to html
with tables ??

Thanks in advance.

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