[thelist] comments

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 14 11:01:43 CDT 2000

> From: thomas stephen <stephen_media at yahoo.com>
> This is my first web site.Go to www.mgsreekumar.com
> please view  and send comments regarding it.


the animated background, scrolling status bar message, and 
counter are all a little over the top... i don't think you need the JS 
message... the bg could be toned down a bit so text is more 
legible... you could hide the counter on the bottom and resize it so 
it's very small...

the flute-nav didn't render for me the first time... in fact, i can't tell 
what the links go to unless i have my browser displaying tool-tips... 
if you have to have instructions on how to use the nav, it may be 
too difficult to use...

the code looks pretty good (only checked one page)... 

there's consistency among the rest of the pages... different 
backgrounds, colors, text... your disclaimer isn't a link... they don't 
fit in a 640x480 very well, especially the timeline page (how do i get 
back to the rest of the site from there?  why the text-as-gif 
images?)... the guestbook is a bit wonky and hard use (animated 
bg, colored text, no nav)...

i'd say:
- clean up the nav
- be consistent on every page with colors, layout, and nav

if you start there, you'll be greatly improving it... after that, you 
might wanna grab Robin Williams' "The Non-Designer's Design 



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