[thelist] Re: VoDSL

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Thu Sep 14 14:58:51 CDT 2000

> "Voice over DSL is a technology that allows additional voice 
> calls to be
> carried over normal telephone line. With the ADSL infrastructure in
> place, up to 16 additional digital calls can now be added on to the
> existing telephone wire, in addition to the traditional 
> analog calls. "
> So VoDSL allows a business or carrier to provide multiple voice
> connections over one line. THAT's the "big deal". 

at costs cheaper than t-1's (24 phone lines), this is a big deal, except the
other limitations of xdsl (so adroitly expounded upon by Dan), combined with
stability problems (got GTE/Verizon? You may know what I speak of), makes
this a great idea, but it may be a touch early to provide mission critical
services over it.

early adopter, me? yeah, once. but that was like years ago

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