[thelist] Tables vs Layers

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Sep 14 20:22:15 CDT 2000

>proportional layout? do you mean liquid layout? what is proportional layout?

The same sort of thing - you're margins (white/black space) are 
proportional to your content. The cells scale up to proportionally 
take up the same relative amount of screen space. Liquid layout, I 
guess, is more concerned with content, whereas I'm just talking 
visual proportions.

>  > <td width="66%">
>it should be this simple (unless I am missing sth?)
><div style="width: 66%;">

Whoops! Man, I should check my facts. This definitely wasn't working 
around 12 months ago for me. Is it in the spec for css-p that it 
support percentage values? or is that just one of the nice things 
that IE 5 and NS 6 do for convenience?

>if you have to add a lot of crap so that it will work in different browsers,
don't blame CSS, blame the browsers! :-)

Surprise. It doesn't work on NS 4. Maybe that was the problem I was 
having. I remember having to calculate the window width, and height, 
then making each <div> a proportion of that. So: window is 500 px 
wide, instead of making a div 10% of that, I had to set the div to 
50px. Or, at least, make a javascript function to do that.


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