[thelist] Majordomo customization?

John Handelaar john at newmediawhore.com
Fri Sep 15 07:24:22 CDT 2000

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> Chris - 
> This is a good idea, and one i've been thinking about doing for months.
> It makes so much more sense, you're right..
> The only reason I haven't done it(albeit with majorgumbo) is that its
> difficult to do. I think some of the guys that are working on GNU
> Mailman(off which majorgumbo is based) have talked about integrating
> some sort of backend DB with the MLM. 

Depending on the size of your wallet, I'd
recommend having a look at Lyris


...its DBs aren't SQL but can be tapped
using ODBC.

And it's entirely web-enabled. And it can
present a list through NNTP (!) as well as
its web interface.  And and and and...

John Handelaar

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