[thelist] php / database connection string

Stephane Gosselin taz at hy.cgocable.ca
Fri Sep 15 07:37:39 CDT 2000

Hi all :o) I need a hand here..... I figure I have everything I need to get 
a timesheetscript working for the company I work for. Our provider gives us 
access to mysql & php, telnet.I have a bit of experience in cgi  & sql but 
very little ( zilch) php. I need some help on this one......
ok, first : Can I connect to the database by telnet or, for security 
reasons do I have to go through the script absolutely.

2nd : If I can connect to the database by telnet, what is the syntax for 
the connection string ?

ok. This should give me a start. Thank you. Oh....... all related links are 
more than welcome.

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