[thelist] Tables vs Layers

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Fri Sep 15 13:05:05 CDT 2000

>the client wants to have layers - I've put no input into this - I'm
>just the monkey in this system

here, let me help.

monkey + wrench.
now all you have to do is evolt.

>I came into the whole publishing system "fun" nearly 2 years into
>the system design. When I read the system specs my first question was - if
>you are going for 4 transitional and gen 4 and above browsers why are you
>designing for a 640x480 res?

When you are going for gen 4 & above, does this mean it can be 
UNUSABLE on lower browsers?  Or just not pretty?  It's sort of 
defeating the accessibility purpose (mentioned earlier--though this 
thread has wandered...) to exclude other browsers, isn't it?

If the idea is that it _should_ be usable on lower-level browsers, 
but unadorned (no CSS, default everything) then that makes perfect 
sense to me, and the 640x480 res also makes perfect sense.  Consider 
hand-held devices, etc.

I agree that XHTML strict has more potential for 
FORWARDS-compatibility than HTML.  What is the argument against XHTML?

>nothing personal against my bosses here but being a govt dept they
>have "moved" into their managers positions not by their skillset (well to a
>small point) but almost by who applied for the job - it seems that all the
>staff that want to get ahead don't stick around govt for too long (we've
>lost 1 great IT boy to a better paying job)

well, there you go.  I do think it is unfortunate that your "bosses" 
don't consider your expertise or (it seems) seriously address your 

I try to code my sites so they follow the WAI as much as I can.  I 
don't know how successful I am, but one thing I don't sweat at this 
point is tables for layout.  I just try to keep them simple.

I don't use CSS positioning except here & there.  Mainly this is 
because half the time I try to add positioning, I get seemingly 
random Netscape crashes (yes I close my <div>s).  Sometimes even IE5 
Mac will crash on pages that use positioning.

When your browser crashes, how accessible is that????


erika at seastorm.com

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