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Ben Henick persist1_pdx at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 15 20:02:17 CDT 2000

--- the head lemur <lemurs at extremezone.com> wrote:
> a bit on Register.com
> http://www.zeldman.com/coming.html

I've yet to work on a site - as crazy as it sounds, given that I've
been doing this for five years - where I also had to register the
domain from scratch.

I get the "Aaaaagh!  This is harder than I thought!" clients, you see. 
They're also far more technically-savvy than John Q. Smallcommercesite,
which adds a whole new dimension to my work - but we've all got those
kind of stories.

When register.com started up, I heard lots of neat things about it.  I
figured (given NSI's "we are controlling the transmission" approach to
security and such matters) that I would use them when I needed to, in
preference to NSI.

Um, given that register.com has now proven themselves to be a coterie
of incompetents, where does that leave those of use who are ignorant on
such matters?

In the meantime, ask me all the quetions you want about architecture,
Photoshop, JavaScript, or CSS.  But know that I'm ignorant about
getting full domains set up.  <sigh>

Thanks in advance

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