[thelist] *Good* clip art/icons/illustrations CD or web site

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Fri Sep 15 20:35:09 CDT 2000

You want small clip art, but showing what?

I don't know about GOOD clip art, but you can get CHEAP clip art at 
http://www.arttoday.com and @ around $40, it's like a box of 
chocolates...  (*picturing a scene from Cecil B. Demented here*).

Because this is the ONLY clip art I've had access to over the past 
year, every one of the sites I over the past 12 months has used clip 
art exclusively from arttoday.com.  http://www.seastorm.com/portfolio

They do vector; but I've found there's only so small a lot of it can get.

I have designed entire interfaces based on what is available at arttoday.
and, oh yeah.  I'm a heavy dingbat user, too.

But if I had a _budget_ for art... well, then.

erika at seastorm.com

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