a horse! my kingdom for an XHTML horse! was RE: [thelist] Tablesvs Layers

Daniel J. Cody djc at oracular.com
Fri Sep 15 21:03:32 CDT 2000

Whats the point of being prepared an re-writing everything just to
rewrite when a full blown XML is supported? My understanding of XML is
somewhat limited, so be gentle ;)

I mean, I know XML is going to be A Good Thing(tm) for many
applications.. But is it ever really going to replace HTML as the
de-facto for web-markup? I doubt it..


Erika Meyer wrote:
> >so?
>  From the client standpoint, XHTML = forwards-compatibility.
>  From the author's standpoint, working with XHTML is preparation for
> continuing use of XHTML and XML down the road.
> HTML is dead!  Long live XHTML!

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