[thelist] Tables vs Layers (NS4)

George Donnelly gsd at mac.com
Fri Sep 15 22:50:53 CDT 2000

Why build for any browser? That's what the w3 and other webstandards groups
are all about.

Browsers come and go but the specs, they are permanent (well to some degree
at least. at least they are more sensible and not subject to the whims of
some idiot company) :-)

My problem with NN4 is that its support for standards sucks big time.

The Mozilla Project is producing an excellent browser, support for standards
is great so far. I hope that they can surpass IE. I really do.

george at cyklotron.com
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--Ayn Rand 

> I use NS4 as my main browser and I always build first for NS.
> And one other thing;  NS6 is not the dog everyone says it is.

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