[thelist] Crumb-trail navigation with SSI on Windows?

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Sat Sep 16 12:37:00 CDT 2000

Hey, all.

Over the years I've seen many uses of the crumb-trail "you are here" 
navigation metaphor.

I've never had any need for it in the past on any of the sites I've worked 
on, but an intranet site I'm designing now could really benefit from it.

In this case, the site is small enough that I can implement the trail by 
hand, but working on the project has awoken my curiosity about how to do 
this "for real," where the trail is generated live when the page is served.

I've done some research online, but all the tutorials concern themselves 
with UN*X implementations, and I'd be setting up this site on an NT box 
running IIS 4.0 or something close to that.

Anyone have any pointers to tutorials for this?  If this can't be done 
using SSI on Windows, would I be looking at some sort of HTML 
preprocessor?  IIRC, PHP requires installation on the server, so that is 
right out, but some preprocessor that works during the "build" of the 
static pages would be okay with me... I think I could make this happen with 
the BBEdit Includes features on my Mac at home, for instance, but am 
unaware of anything like that using HomeSite on PC.

Any hints?


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