[thelist] Crumb-trail navigation with SSI on Windows?

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Sat Sep 16 13:07:20 CDT 2000

One way to implement this is to use cookies and a function call. In your case a ASP
functions. While SSI will allow all your pages to share a set of ASP functions, its
not the SSI itself that will do this for you. 

By storing levels in the cookie and utilizing the page name you could rebuild a bread
crumb trail that way. There are a dozen different ways at this point to implement it,
mostly its going to be based upon how your site is currently laid out.

(This brings up an interesting experiment that I need to try: Has anyone linked a
static page via SSI to a ASP page? Does IIS process the ASP include as code when
linked to an HTML/static page?? Gonna have to try that.)

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