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Janet F. waxplanet at sunflower.com
Sat Sep 16 13:49:25 CDT 2000

Smacking the developer came to my mind, too!  I mean, COME ON!  Anyway, I'm
using IE 5.5 and I can't find where I need to disable the javascript.  I
even tried the "HELP"...ya, right.  Anyway, could you direct me to this
on/of switch?  Thank you!!!


> > My brother-in-law has this business consulting business in Houston and
> wants
> > me to update the search engines for his site once a month.  Well, I
> thought
> > I'd take a look at the site and view the source, but the right
> click/View
> > Source and regular menu View Source has been disabled.  Is there anyway
> > around this so that I can see the source.
> Yes, find the developer and smack him. On the menubar, try: View
> -> Source.
> Alternatively, you can turn off JavaScript and you'll be able to
> right click
> with ease. There are other methods, but those are the easiest and it will
> help 90% of the time.
> > I don't know WHY is was disabled.
> > It's no fancy site, just strictly informational.  Thanks for any help.
> >  http://www.foresightps.com/index.htm
> HTH,
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