[thelist] Problem with NS 3 on a Mac

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Sat Sep 16 15:00:43 CDT 2000

> and tell me if it works on NS3 on a Mac.
> And then tell me why it doesn't.
> And then tell me how to fix it.
> And then maybe just fix it themselves, and tell me it's done.

hi michael

well, i don't have a mac, but it ain't working on ns3 on a pc either

in the nested table, you have a cell with a vertical blue bar, and another
as a vertical gutter, and both say rowspan=5, but there's only three rows
in that table

then you have welcome.gif in a cell with colspan=3, but (not counting the
two already mentioned) there's only one column it can span

but even with those items fixed, that's not your problem

you have align="right" on the nested table, and if you take that out (the
cell of the outer table is already defined as align=right) then all is
well, i tested it -- at least, in n3 on a pc


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