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At 00:13 17/09/00, McCreath_David wrote:
>As someone in the middle of this process, it might have more to do with the
>direction that the IT department is moving. If there are a bunch of other
>servers already moving to NT, it makes some sense to move the web server,

"Resistance is futile..."

>Especially if you have a well-trained and knowledgeable NT staff who
>happen to know nothing about OSX or Apache.

Well-trained? Knowledgeable? Knowing nothing about Apache?
Cognative dissonance time.

>We're certainly getting no perks from M$ for
>our switch-over

What did you do to upset Bill? :-)

>and I have an Apple rep in my face every couple of months
>Windows-bashing (which is a really F*CKING annoying sales tactic, btw. :))

True, true.

>If you hit the UP site, it's pretty slow despite being a pretty trim site.
>I'm going to go out on a limb and say That's a function of it being on an
>old Mac running an old version of the OS. I will further threaten the
>strength of my limb it's a pre-G3 Power Mac with barely enough RAM.

No argument there - old MacOS machines do not make sensible
Web Servers. But neither do spiffy new Win98/ME machines...

>I think it sounds like they (UP) have had some turnover in the IT department
>and the new folks know NT and don't know Mac.

I'm just wondering if they knew enough of anything else to properly evaluate
the options. I've known far too many Tech Strat people who have that blinkered
view. And there's enough evidence of Universities getting pressured at some
level to go homogenous Windows, even dropping support for non-win clients
in some cases, for me not to be suspicious.


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